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Another video from the 3 weeks in Patagonia. I’m happy I managed to cram in as many landscapes shots as possible, thanks to the theatrical track Daktyl produced.


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Writing this album really changed the way I think about making music. I obsessed over the details.. I honestly put everything I have into every second of these songs. The next two songs from the record are out now – To The Bone with @jenskuross is one of the most personal things I’ve written…without getting too specific it’s essentially about forgiveness. A Thin Blue Line is my attempt encapsulate the feeling I get when I think about how unlikely life is.. that there’s an earth at all and that we are here and able to experience it. It honestly blows my mind. I’m a bit of a space nerd and could go on about this forever but I’ll save it for another time. Thank you for listening, it means the world to me 💙 – Rich

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