Web Developer

I coded a little website for fun to practice my piano chords. I created a JSON in Google Sheets with all the possible root notes [A,B,C,D,E,F,G] and then added the possible accent [#,♭] or nothing, and then different chord arrangements (i.e. minor 7th, major 9th, 6/9, diminished, etc.).

All arrays are picked at random and shown on the screen when pressing the space bar. If you press the space bar again it pulls a graphic from a website which shows the right answer. This bit doesn’t work with the # and ♭ for now, but will be fixed in the future. Edit: it now works – it recognises the accent, replaces ♭ with _flat_ (or _flat), and if it’s # it loops through the root array and selects the next index, i.e. D# becomes E♭.

You can also decide to include or exclude # and ♭ from your practice.

Next could be to add an easiness level where if easy is ticked then it only shows the first x amount of chords from the chord_obj array.

Took about 2-3 hours to make it, quite fun!

Can see it here: Practicing my chords!